Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Moving On

It is official! David has completed his course with Honors. The graduation ceremony will be held tomorrow morning and then we are officially done at Pensacola, FL. We will be moving next week to Ft. Meade, MD. The movers will come on Monday the 7th and Tuesday. Then Wednesday morning we'll be in the car and on our way. It feels a bit odd to be moving on, but at the same time we are sooo ready to be done with schooling. Time to start living the job and get really settled into the area.
But before we leave, we have been trying to enjoy a few of the local attractions that we haven't seen yet. We went to the National Naval Aviation Museum last Saturday. I totally forgot my camera and was very upset with myself. Oh well, I guess. I have been trying to get David to go to it with us since we got here. He just keeps saying, "I don't like that kind of stuff. Do we really have to?" That kind of stuff. Well I finally told him the girls and I were going and he could come or stay home by himself. So he came. After 15 minutes at the museum it was, "Wow this is really cool. Why didn't we come here more often?" So we had a really good time. Anya enjoyed seeing all of the airplanes. They had wonderful displays. All of their planes, helicopters, and jets are actual "decommissioned vehicles'. They have planes dating back to before WWI. Up to the F/A-18 Hornets that the Blue Angels fly. Then yesterday we went out to one of the 'Blue Angels' practice shows. It was fun to see them preforming their maneuvers. It amazing to think that in one of them, the four jets form the Diamond Formation, there is only 18 inches between the jets on any side while they're traveling at speeds between 400-700 mph. Talk about having no margin for error. :)
We've a blast here in Pensacola and have really enjoyed the experience. And now we continue onward.


Rhonda said...

Congratulations to David for graduating with honors! Hope the ceremony is wonderful and the move goes smoothly. Love you!

Rhonda said...

Congratulations to David! Hope the ceremony is wonderful and the move goes smoothly. Love you!

Melinda said...

The Blue Angels were always my absolute FAVORITE show at the airshows my dad always took us to. Next to that, the F-14 Tomcat was my favorite because the wings could move back and forth for a more or less aerodynamic purpose. Good luck on your move-especially the driving part! The 7th marks a big day for us here as well-it is my first non-working day (except for some piano lessons) and we are potty training Sam. Finally I have the time to do it! Your adventure will probably be over before mine, we will be thinking of you guys!

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