Friday, June 20, 2008

We Have Orders

So I just need to quickly say that we finally have written orders in our hands. They are for Fort Meade, Maryland and we have to be there by August 9th. David graduates here on July 3rd so we will be leaving shortly thereafter to Ft. Meade so that we can be settled there before he has to report in August. This is happy news for us. We don't know anything in detail yet; we'll talk to the Transportation Officer on Monday to start working out the details. Just wanted to tell you all that we finally know where we will be. I'll post soon with more details.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3 Weeks to Go

Well everyone, it has been an interesting couple of weeks. We have now been told that we may not be going to Ft Meade. We were assigned there, but we were "removed from that command." They couldn't say why the change or if it really is a change. They can't tell us if we will be reassigned elsewhere or if we may be put back on the list for Ft. Meade. :) Gotta love it. We are 3 weeks away from graduation and we have absolutely no idea what they're going to be doing with us. LOL. I expected myself to be very frustrated about this but oddly I'm only mildly annoyed. :) David's sergeant is looking into the orders situation in hopes that we can find out something soon and get our written orders. Oh well! In 3 weeks we will graduate and they'll have to do something with us. I'll let you know; whether that's this week or the day he graduates, time will only tell.
Anya is still doing great. She's informed me that I'm not entertaining enough for her. She says she "would like to go to school, you know a class, so I can be with friends." I guess that's the big clue that she's ready for preschool and a more formal learning environment. LOL. I think we'll be looking into some sort of group for her wherever we end up.
Kyrie is still the same. Still not walking or teething. She loves playing with her sister and she loves to sing songs.
I've been doing okay. My health has taken a bit of a stumble but I'm sure that I'll be back to my statis quo soon. The humidity down here takes getting used to but it really is lovely. Besides if we play outside early in the day it's not as hot, and we have A/C inside. So love to all of you and we'll keep you posted on our orders.

October 4, 2007