Monday, March 31, 2008

Kyrie Turned One Year Old

Hi everyone! Saturday was Kyrie's 1st birthday. We were talking about what we should do for it and Anya informed us that Kyrie really wanted to go to the Zoo on her birthday. So to the Zoo we went. I was wonderful. And I'm sure that the girls and I will be going there often. Here's David and the girls wih an elephant statue. Kyrie liked it almost more than the live animals, except for the peacocks. She loved the peacocks! :)

Then we came home and had cake and presents. Of course Anya was more excited than Ky.
But after figuring out that you could mash the cake between your fingers and then eat it, Kyrie decided that cake was very good.
She also eventually got the hang of unwrapping. Anya was sad about that because she had been told she could unwrap them if Ky didn't figure it out.
Kyrie got some clothes from her Grandma and Grandpa Hill and a Little People SUV from Mommy and Daddy. She had a wonderful day.
We all had a really wonderful day.

I was telling my parents the other day that it's very odd. I keep thinking that I should be getting homesick and feeling lonely, at least a little. But I'm not. Neither are the girls. We are all so happy and content that I know, without a doubt, that we made the right decision to move here. The Lord truly does direct us if we choose to listen. To the world this decision is slightly silly and economiclly stupid to put it plainly, but it is so right for us. I feels wonderful to finally be doing the right thing for our family, in the right place, at the right time.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I can't believe I'm doing this!!!

I never thought that I would be "blogging" and I blame Brandy for this. I was looking at her blog and David saw it. He said, "Hey that's cool. We should do one so you can keep in touch with everyone. Really you should!" So here I am. I'm still not sure what I'm doing but I'll do my best to keep everyone up to date on our lives.
October 4, 2007