Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just another Week

Hey everyone! We are doing great. Time has flown by and we have been enjoying it. We are now down to the end of our time here in Florida. David has one more section to test over and then his FINAL! He graduates on July 3rd and then we're off. We found out this week that we will be stationed for 3 years at Fort Meade, Maryland. We are very excited about it. Ft. Meade is about 45 min. outside of Washington, D.C. and an hour and 20 min. outside of Baltimore. It will be nice to be able to settle in somewhere for a while. :)

My extended family also has had a good couple of weeks. Mom and Dad have gotten a new job in Spokane, WA. They will be moving by the end of June and are looking forward to this new chapter in their lives.

Katie is graduating from high school today and is now trying to decide what to do in her life. Where to go to college and all of that. She doesn't know if she will move with Mom and Dad and go to work and school up there or if she will to to CSI in Twin Falls, ID and say nearby Kurtis, Rhonda, Emmy, and there new baby.
That's right. Kurtis and Rhonda are expecting another child in January. They are also buying themselves a new house there in Wendell. They are doing really well and are excited about all of these "new" things.

Here in Florida we are well. Anya is getting smarter and smarter everyday. Her vocabulary is just amazing to me. She really does sound grown up and not like a toddler anymore. She's now doing a lot of make believe play. She likes to have tea parties with her animals, and play act stories with her toys.It's adorable.

Kyrie is doing okay. We just love her so much. We had a doctor's visit for her this week and they had some concerns. She's very, very small. Too small they say. We talked about her diet and they agree that it's not that she's not getting enough food. There are also several other warning signs such as the fact that she is now 15 months old and has no teeth. This added to the very low weight is making them concerned about the possibility of a growth hormone deficiency. They explained that this could be why she has the teeth, you can see the outlines on her gums but without enough growth hormone they won't come in on their own. It would also explain her very low weight. But we are waiting on tests till we move. Some of the tests aren't really fun and it could very well be that she's just a small girl and her teeth are coming in latter. So we'll give her another month or two and then see if they would like to do the tests then. But other than being small and toothless, she's very healthy and meeting all the other developmental guidelines. All I know is that she is adorable and a very good girl.

We are doing great and will post again later. TTFN.

October 4, 2007