Friday, June 20, 2008

We Have Orders

So I just need to quickly say that we finally have written orders in our hands. They are for Fort Meade, Maryland and we have to be there by August 9th. David graduates here on July 3rd so we will be leaving shortly thereafter to Ft. Meade so that we can be settled there before he has to report in August. This is happy news for us. We don't know anything in detail yet; we'll talk to the Transportation Officer on Monday to start working out the details. Just wanted to tell you all that we finally know where we will be. I'll post soon with more details.


brandya said...

Wasn't that the original place you were going to go and then they said, No, just kidding. Orders changed? Oh well. I'm glad that you finally have a place to go...and that I have a fun place to come and visit!! Love ya all! I am so happy for ya

Melinda said...

Awesome! We ran into your family (mom, dad, katie, kurtis, rhonda & Emmy) at the mall the other day, Sammi didn't recognize Emmy she has grown so much. Sam was confused because she thought Emmy was supposed to be a baby :-)

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