Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Still Alive!!!

No need to send out search parties. I'm alive and here. I realize that I've fallen off the face of the blogging world. I didn't mean to, but life has really gotten away from me. I really don't know what happened but the holidays started and then it was December. Please forgive me and I'll try to get back with it and post more frequently.

But for now I will try to do a quick update and I'll even include pictures, cause we all know that's what we like most!

So, Halloween came and boy was it fun. David and I decided to take the girls into "Boo at the Zoo" at the National Zoo. It's a big event every year. They decorate the zoo and vendors set up stands for the kids to trick or treat at. They get to see the animals at night and get special treats. We decided that with how much our girls LOVE the zoo that it would be a great time. And it really was!

Anya was a butterfly this year. She picked it out. She liked it because the wings and antenna had hearts and bows on them.

And Kyrie was a duck. She loved it. She quaked for weeks at everyone. She learned to say "trick or treat" and it was a big hit!

The girls loved Boo at the Zoo. They shared a juice bar, got lots of candy, and saw a lot of their favorite animals.

They even had their first experience with cotton candy! They loved it of course and were sticky little girls the rest of the night.

Then on Halloween night we went around the neighborhood with friends.

So needless to say, our girls had a full and "sticky" Halloween. I really enjoyed myself this year too. I was so much fun to see the holiday thru the eyes of my children. The pure joy at dressing up and pretending to be something else. And then to get candy on top of that was just heaven to them.

For the next month we tried to enjoy the last days of warm weather. The girls jus love playing outside and I wanted to enjoy every day they could be outside. The girls also like to play dress up. They're fairy princesses! Daddy says so!

Aren't they pretty?

Then Thanksgiving arrived! We had diner with some of our friends from her. April Kerven and her two kids, Lyam and Kaitlyn, joined us. They just moved here recently also. So we split up the work and had Thanksgiving diner with each other. Anya helped make the pumpkin pies this year! She helped me roll out the crusts and mix the filling. Then she faithfully checked them every few minutes thru the oven window to make sure they were cooking. Here's her finished pies.

And they tasted even better than they looked!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for this year that we can't even begin to say how blessed be are. We thank the Lord everyday for His love and protection.

Then December 1st arrived. This is the day that we always decorate for Christmas. So like in years past, we put up our tree and our stocking. The girls picked out Dora the Explorer ornaments for this year. Dora rules our world right now. They're so cute. So here they are putting up their ornaments.

Now we're just enjoying the season. And of course counting down till Santa coming, and Grandma and Papa coming. Grandma and Papa will be here on the 19th. We're so excited to be spending Christmas with them. But we'll be busy till then of course.

This week is full of Anya's dance class. She has her first dance recital on Saturday. So we have lots of extra rehersals and stuff like that. Well I've got to run. I'll try to post pictures of Anya's dance recital this weekend. Here she is in her outfit. Lots of love. TTFN


Rhonda said...

Wow! I can't believe how big the girls are looking! It's great to see some recent pictures and see how much fun you're all having. Oh, and thanks again for the movie. Emmy loves it!

Melinda said...

How lucky am I that the first day in weeks that I go blog walking I find a brand spanking new post! I love the fact that you wait to decorate until Dec. 1. Anya looks beautiful in her outfit! Sammi's class doesn't have a recital until May but they have an open house next week, so I think they are learning a little routine for that. I ran into your family Thanksgiving weekend and was giddy when Kelsey told me you were going to try to make it out around May-ish. I love Kyrie! She's getting hair! And I've been in Idaho too long, the minute I saw your neighbor girl in her fairy costume I thought "That girl is gonna freeze, where is her coat!" LOL. Maybe we can arrange a computer party during my school break, I have Dec 22-Jan 2.

brandya said...

I have missed you! Sorry I have missed your phone calls. Another 50 plus hour work week, but I look forward to Christmas break! I love you dearly sis! You are so beuatiful and my girls are getting so big! Thanks so much for blogging! Love ya!

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