Friday, April 25, 2008

Just an average week

It's so odd to realize how quickly time goes by. I feel like I haven't had any time to call or write or anything lately, but I can't seem to figure out what has kept me busy. I'm just at home with the girls and taking care of the house.

David on the other hand is nothing but busy. He passed another test this week. Apparently the pass rate for this particular class is on about 50%. Not so good. And most people who are recommeded and accepted to this course have been working in the field, in this job for 2 to 3 years. So in my opinion, David is at a bit of a disadvantage compared to everyone else and still doing well. I'm so proud of how good he's doing, but every week we hold our breath while he takes one more test. We're now counting time left in "tests to take" not weeks. (We have 10 more tests by the way.) Anyway, we're always glad when the weekend rolls around and we can have "Daddy time". The girls love the weekend. It's all Daddy, all the time. They don't want Mommy help. Daddy's here now. They love it. So does David.

The girls are doing great. Anya is happy with Daddy in her new home, she says. But she does miss "her very own Grandma and Grandpa and Kelly and Katie and Chris" and snow. :) She likes to ride her bike and is looking forward to when Mommy thinks it's warm enough to swim. She loves being on base and seeing all the sailor, soldiers, airmen, and Marines marching around. She knows their different uniforms and knows which ones are like Daddy, in the Army.

Kyrie is getting bigger, not a lot but some. She still has no teeth, but refuses to eat any and all things that might be baby food. She wants what is on your plate or nothing. She has a very shrill scream when she doesn't get her way, and knows how to use it. :) She has also decided that she wants to be just like her big sister. If Anya is doing it, she wants to too. She'll follow Anya from room to room and try to play with her. Anya's not too thrilled about this new development. I think it's adorable.

All in all we're doing very well. Life continues on and we continue with it.


Melinda said...

sooo cute!!! Sammi is napping, but I know she'll enjoy the new pictures when she's up. She still runs her own agenda and has threatened to give up naps entirely several times, but has yet to actually function on a reasonable level to facilitate a complete annihilation. However, we can't call it naptime anymore. It must be quiet time and she closes her eyes to let her eyes rest for a bit, NOT to sleep.

Hey, you should post some videos of this Kyrie wanting to be just like Anya stuff. I'd love to see Anya's expressions.

brandya said...

My girls are getting so big!! Thanks for keepin me posted! I love you and miss you tons! Tell David hello for me and give my girls a big kiss

Kristina said...

is this working

The Adams family said...

hey.. I found your blog on Brandy's page. How are you? I cant remeber the last time that I saw you... it said that you have moved. Where are you at these days? I hope things are going well. Your little ones are so cute. You should be so proud!

October 4, 2007